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How did it come to this?
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16th-Apr-2010 06:03 pm(no subject)
clint pensieve

As of 4-16-2008 this journal is going friends only. My friending policy is fairly relaxed and I will generally friend back most people if I can see common interests and the journal does not appear to have been created within the last three minutes. However, if you're unsure, please feel free to leave a comment letting me know that you've added me and I'll add you back no problem!

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9th-Sep-2009 01:08 am(no subject) [dragon*con]
distracted by sheps hair
My brother returned from DragonCon today. He bought me a plain, black t-shirt that says "Ascend this" in the stargate font. I am amused.
13th-Jul-2009 06:44 pm - Citizen/Soldier - 3 Doors Down
clint pensieve
26th-May-2009 09:08 pm - Con report and pictures [mediawest, pics]
So, the con, right.

Con report, complete with a bunch of picturesCollapse )

Can't wait until next year! I miss everybody so much already, and I hope you all had safe trips home =)
12th-May-2009 11:26 pm(no subject)
Strikethrough 07
I've made a Dreamwidth account, my user name over there is mistokitt. Feel free to friend me over there if you have one too, but keep in mind it's not going to be all that active a journal at the moment. I have no real intention of moving journals at this time, and I've honestly become far too set in my ways for anything short of an act of god to get me to abandon this journal entirely. I may end up using that one for fic storage, though I'm not entirely certain yet (and hey, maybe this will give me that final shove I need to get me back into fic writing. That would be stellar).

So, yeah, that's all I've got. Seriously, I need more sleep.
5th-May-2009 01:34 pm - Well, that's just depressing.
vgcats wtf?!

From Yahoo:
Dom DeLuise, actor, comedian and chef, dies

Dom DeLuise, the portly actor-comedian whose affable nature made him a popular character actor for decades with movie and TV audiences as well as directors and fellow actors, has died. He was 75...

*is sad* Dom DeLuise was awesome. It's almost frightening how much of my childhood centered around shows and movies he did, and cartoons he voiced.
15th-Nov-2008 08:04 pm - GO BOWYER! OMGYAY! [acme anvil moment, nascar]
NASCAR upsidedown
WOO! Clint Bowyer is officially the NASCAR Nationwide Series champion! *squee!*

That was what qualifies as an intense points race, right there. I almost didn't want to watch the race, simply because it was so nerve wracking. With Edwards only 56 points behind Bowyer at the start, and then Edwards leading and Bowyer back in the pack. At one point Edwards was actually 4 points ahead of Bowyer for the championship and I was sitting on my couch trying not to have a stroke over the silly thing. I've discovered that it's much harder to cheer one way or another if you don't hate one of the guys involved. Ever since mid-season my respect for Edwards has been growing, and it's at the point now where I was happy to see him win this race, so I was having a hard time wishing he would screw up.

The last ten laps were the worst though. With the caution coming out at 8 to go, and Bowyer obviously starting to fall behind. He just wasn't as good at the very end there as he had been earlier in the race, and if any of those cars behind him had come in for tires, there would have been a damn good chance that he would've lost the championship. By the restart with three or four to go, I was completely freaking out. I clutched the couch pillow so hard that I felt something pop in one of my fingers. At the time I thought I'd just cracked a knuckle. Then the race was over and Edwards won it AND Bowyer got the championship, and I breathed for the first time in fifteen minutes. I watched all the victory lane stuff, which I normally never do, and giggled and squee'd as Bowyer made a total dork out of himself just by being himself on camera.

Then it was over and I turned off the TV, smiling with glee and relief (and the slightest twinge of regret thanks to the knowledge that the #2 team will not be back for a full time schedule next year, which means Bowyer won't be protecting his Nationwide championship).

It wasn't until I went to go get a bottle of water that I realized that I can't actually bend that one finger all the way anymore... and that it feels kinda weird o_O I cheered so hard I sprained my finger. That's either awesome, or really, really pathetic. Either way, it's kinda fuckin funny XD
Strikethrough 07
Don't like the new profile layout? Too bad. lj_design says it's not going to be made optional and they appear to be completely ignoring the fact that multitudes of users are extremely annoyed by this. This is my shocked face. Oh, wait, no it's not =P

Personally, I think it looks vile. I switched over to it for about a second and a half when it was in beta, and immediately screamed and switched back, then proceeded to hope against all hope that it would be made optional upon release. Fail.

Oh LiveJournal *pats* Is it against some sort of higher law that you go for an entire year without causing your user base to revolt? I'm beginning to wonder.

ION: I'm going to bed, Calculus is killing what's left of my brain.
22nd-Aug-2008 11:15 pm - SGA 5.06 The Shrine [sga]
And the higher powers proclaimed, LET THERE BE FIC!

And that's all I'm gonna say.

*waits patiently*

I missed this show like whoa *squishes it close*

ETA: Spoilers ahead, sortaCollapse )
22nd-Aug-2008 09:57 pm(no subject) [nascar, sga]
NASCAR comin thru
Blah, I should not be disappointed by a second place finish, but I am. Bowyer was doing just awesome for the vast majority of the race, led the most laps, totally had it right up until he got loose with less than 30 to go. *sigh* Still, I'm trying not to hate Keselowski for being that good today, he's a Michigan boy, and there are so few of those that race at this level that I gotta be at least somewhat supportive ;)

Still, Bowyer retained the points lead, and by a better margin than he started with, so I'm going to put on my happy face and enjoy the fact that he seems to be getting his groove back, as it were.

In related news, the NASCAR rumor mill is churning once again. Latest RCR rumor not only has Casey Mears driving the fourth RCR car next season, but now they're saying that he's going to be given the 07 with Jack Daniel's as his sponsor, and Bowyer is going to be moved over to the new 33 team, with General Mills. This is not my pleased face, fyi. I like Mears well enough, so I guess it's better than getting an asshat in the car I love, but dammit, that's Bowyer's ride. =P

In completely unrelated news: I'm debating staying up for another hour to watch the new ep of SGA. Which is kind of silly, since I'm probably three episodes behind by now, but the channel guide pointed out that it's one of the episodes I was looking forward to ever since I heard spoilers for it months ago. Meh, I'll watch the first few minutes and then decide whether or not to stay up for the rest I suppose.

ETA: *watches first couple minute blurb* *stutters* Oh. Oh my. Okay. You officially have my attention. O_O
15th-Aug-2008 12:08 am(no subject)
geeky penguins
It has been a good long while since I've actually sat down and written any fic. I mean, not just since I've finished one, I haven't even started writing one in ages, which is very odd for me. It's partly been due to the fact that I simply have not had the time to really devote myself to fic or fandom, and partly because I haven't been inspired to do so. It's nearly impossible to force oneself to write when one is just plain not in the mood. And I haven't been in the mood in the longest time. Which really sucks for the person that I've owed a charity fic to since last April *hides in shame*.

That said, apparently nothing shoves the notion to write back into my system quite like suddenly receiving several wonderful comments on a fic I wrote over a year ago, completely out of the blue.

I came home from work just a few minutes ago. Long day training the new girl, tired, kinda moody, thinking about just passing out asap, blah, blah, blah. Then I checked my email and discovered that I had three new comments on Glass Houses. After reading and replying to them my first thought was "omg, I wanna write again!" Which is just such a wonderful feeling, especially after feeling like I'd practically abandoned fandom this summer.

So, I think I'm going to stay up until my caffeine wears off and write me some fic (or someone else some fic, as the case may be. I really do need to write that charity fic like whoa, before unmentioned friend just takes me out back and shoots me XD). Now to find a convenient plot bunny. My previous ones have all probably died of old age by now =P *ponders*
stargate concussion
I discovered this yesterday (two days ago? I had time off work, I've lost track...) and at this point I think it's safe to say that no matter how many times I watch this particular clip, it never stops being the most hilarious thing I've seen in a long, long while XD I feel the need to actually embed the video rather than link it because... well honestly because I'm probably going to watch it at least eighty more times.

I'd nearly forgotten how much I adored Ryan Stiles when I was a teenager, back when he was on the UK version. I fully remember why now.

ETA: 7-30-08 edited to replace with a new link that actually works =P
clint pensieve
I was there. I was there when Junior finally got the win. And the crowd did indeed go wild.

Lifelock 400, aka My First NASCAR RaceCollapse )

And now, I'm sweaty, I smell like burnt rubber, and I feel like someone spent most of the day beating me with a large stick, so I think I'm going to go collapse for a while.

Seriously though, I couldn't have asked for more than that. It was awesome.
29th-May-2008 09:36 pm - MediaWest*Con 28 [mediawest, pics]
distracted by sheps hair
Brief con recap and door decoration pictures. I was going to make this more linear and well thought out, but honestly, it's been a week and everything is already starting to blend together into one giant day. Cons do that to me ;)

Con report, with door decoration picsCollapse )
4th-May-2008 12:00 am - Didn't see that one coming O_O [nascar]
NASCAR upsidedown
Omg... Clint. CLINT! You won buddy, you won at Richmond! *SQUEE!!* Out of nowhere!

So, it was a bit of a struggle to stay awake for the race tonight, and I was briefly toying with the idea of just calling it a night actually missing the end of a race for the first time this season, because it honestly looked like Hamlin was just going to lead every lap until the end of days. Then Hamlin had that tire issue (which, admittedly, as much as I didn't want him to win, at that point I really had to feel bad for the guy, that was just shitty timing), and suddenly Junior was in the lead and in a wonderful position to win.

I was fairly bouncing at the restart, mentally chanting "Not Kyle, not Kyle, pleeeeeeeeeeeease not Kyle!" combined with "Omg, Junior has it! YESYESYES!"

And then Kyle and Junior got together, and I stopped the internal monologue and actually started screaming at my television, because I really am lacking in sleep right now.

So, suddenly and out of nowhere, Bowyer has the lead, heading into a green-white-checkered, with Kyle-fucking-Busch right on his ass. (Meanwhile, I can hear the collective wails of Junior Nation pouring out of my tiny TV speakers. And yeah, I was wailing too, until I realized Bowyer had gotten around Kyle). So now I'm sitting on the edge of my couch, clutching at a throw pillow like a life raft, and trying not to have a freaking stroke. Caution laps are winding down, and the announcers are pulling the same shit they've been pulling all night and completely discounting any chance Bowyer has to win this thing, even though he's in the lead. Saying how Kyle's car is stronger than Bowyer's, and I'm sorry, but out of those two drivers, which one managed to come from a starting position of 31st, on a short track, to take the lead? I don't give a shit if Kyle has been running up front all night, Clint actually had to get there and that damn well counts for something.

So now I'm muttering some choice words about the boys in the booth, because they never notice Clint and it drives me batshit.

Then the restart, and Bowyer held his own, and Kyle got caught up with Mark Martin in a race for second (and I never thought I'd say this, but thank you Mark Martin o_O) and, and, and... CLINT! Your second career win! *DOUBLE SQUEE!* (and I didn't miss it this time like I did the first one. Good job I didn't go to bed early, I would have sobbed into my coffee come morning)

I feel terrible for Junior. Mildly sympathetic toward Hamlin. And I still think Kyle Busch needs to find a large sharp tack to sit on (and kudos to DW for pointing out that Kyle is going to need a serious fucking security escort to make it off that track alive. Heh.). Bowyer should not have, by any rights, won that race, but I'm damn glad he got it.

The one thing I find really amusing was that when I was at work this morning, one of my regulars came in and noticed I was wearing my 07 Jack Daniels hat. He commented on it being a nice hat and I said thanks, and then he said "There's not a chance in hell he'll win tonight though" and laughed at me as he walked out. That asshat is getting the biggest shit-eating grin from me tomorrow morning XD
3rd-Apr-2008 09:48 pm - *dusts off LJ* [gip]
clint pensieve
So, time for a change. I'm in the process of dusting around the LJ. It has not escaped my notice that I've been lurking something awful around LJ of late, even for me. I've decided that it's time to clean things up a bit and maybe remember why I love hanging around here so much.

Things of note:
- I will likely be flocking this journal relatively soon. Just a general friends-lock. I'm getting far to wary of posting certain things for various reasons, and it's getting downright irritating. I want to be able to go back to posting what I feel like posting, when I feel like posting it. If I have to go so far as instituting a friends-only policy on the vast majority of my LJ just to acquire that peace of mind, so be it. (this will probably be put into effect as soon as I find a flocked banner I like well enough to use, as I'm too lazy to make one myself install photoshop *cough*).
- The fic (and random other tidbits here and there) will remain unlocked. It's linked in a lot of places, and believe it or not, my slash fic is actually not what makes me wary about this journal. In fact, if you know me IRL and you've found this journal by some stalkerish means, and all you can see is my atlantis slash, um, have fun? Heh.
- My friending policy will remain the same. If you friend me and I can see a reason for it, I will friend back. I'm easy that way. And I will make a sticky post for those that wish to leave a comment in order to be added if they wish. Though, if you're reading this, you're probably already on the flist, so it doesn't really affect you. So. Um. Yeah.
- I've changed my default icon. That has not happened in... years. Seriously, years. I'm kinda freaked out about that one actually. (But dude, it's CLINT! *lusts*)

ION: I skipped Calculus and Chemistry this afternoon to go bowling with a bunch of my college friends. It was made of wonderful. I spent the entire afternoon laughing and relaxed and happy. I need to feel like that more often. =)
RayV pissed off
gacked from dancingbarefoot

This rating is, sadly, not based on copious amounts of pr0n hidden on my blog, but on the fact that apparently I swear way too much. Pity. About the pr0n, I mean, not the swearing. I like my swearing. It's like a badge of honor or something. Or a sign that I watch too many Kevin Smith flicks. Whatever.
17th-Jan-2008 02:02 am - Sweet Charity [sweet charity]
distracted by sheps hair
So, I've gone and signed myself up for Sweet Charity, because god knows I'm not going to be busy enough over the next couple months *headdesk*. This is exactly why I should not be allowed near my computer when I'm sleep deprived. No, honestly I'm quite amused by the idea of this, it looks like it's going to be a lot of fun. Plus, ya know, good cause and all that jazz.

I've only signed up to do one fic (because contrary to popular belief, I have continued to retain at least a few brain cells). Description as follows:

I'm offering one Stargate Atlantis fic. 2K word minimum. I write McShep only, any rating, and I can do preslash friendship focused fic if preferred. It can be based in the given universe, or totally AU. Prompt me with something completely new, or give me a prompt for one of my older stories (The Call or Glass Houses) if you want something more in one of those. You may be as basic or as detailed with your prompt as you want.

Restrictions: I will NOT write deathfic (for John or Rodney), bdsm/kink, or non-con, as I'm simply no good at them.

So, yay for that. This is my first time being a Charity Ho. I'm rather looking forward to it. Here's hoping that my offering description is at least semi-coherent. I've been up for waaaaaaay too long at this point. And, oh, look, I have to be at my first Chemistry Lab in something like 6 or 7 hours. Bed now. *collapses*
vgcats fanfic
Since this is the first year I've actively participated in the whole fic writing experience, I thought I'd do a little end-of-the-year fic meme

Fic I dun wrotedCollapse )

In other news: Happy New Year and all that jazz. I managed to score both tonight and tomorrow off work and fully intended to go Do Something, then I woke up yesterday with a goddamn head cold. So, my New Years Not-Plans were kind of shot to hell, which was really fine, because... er... I didn't have any plans =P Also, we're apparently getting some hideous blizzard tonight (right now?) so I likely would have canceled any imaginary plans I made anyway. Or something. So, I guess my only real qualm with the headcold from hell is that it means I'll be ringing in the New Year feeling like a piece of goo stuck to the bottom of someone's shoe. Which really, I can't complain about that too much either, because I've certainly had my fair share of New Years hangovers, and I don't give a shit how bad the headcold gets, it'll still be better than "Oh dear fucking christ, what did I drink last night?!" followed immediately by an intimate and unwanted acquaintance with the most immediate porcelain god.

Plus, cold meds make me almost as loopy as liquor anyway, and they're cheaper to boot. Heh.
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